Portland Pan Species Weekend

June 15, 2015 in Holiday and Trip Reports by Simon Horsnall

Just returned from a weekend on Portland blitzing the area’s wildlife.  Result was 94 ticks with some still to ID.  Pick of the pics below:

Ammophilus pubescens, a tenebrionid beetle which appears to be associated  with Thrift.  Found on Chesil Beach.


Bloody-nosed Beetle, Timarcha tenebricosa, my favourite Chrysomelid.  Bumbling around Church Ope



Dwarf Spurge, a tiny plant about 5 – 7 cm high.  Found at Church Ope






Common Broomrape, growing in profusion at Chesil Beach.  We also found the very similar Ivy Broomrape.




Greater Sea Spurrey, growing among the shingle on Chesil Beach






Hairy-fruited Cornsalad, growing at Church Ope.  Distinguished by the shape of its seed pods.




Haresfoot Clover, not a particularly interesting plant but it had been on my want list for a while so I’m putting it in here.




My second favourite moth from the trap: Small Elephant Hawkmoth (Cream Spot Tiger was by far the best).  With an L-album Wainscot muscling in on the upper left corner.



Portland Spurge, the 4th Euphorbia of the trip growing at Church Ope.



Sea Clover, growing at Chesil Beach



Small Scabious, distinguished by the black “eyelashes” between the florets.  Growing at Church Ope



For comparison, Field Scabious ticked on the way home at Corfe Castle (where I’d stopped for Lulworth Skipper which was a good tick but not a good photo)



Wall Lizard at Church Ope, one of several naturalised colonies around the southern UK


Included this individual who had clearly had an accident at some point in his life.


Shrubby Sea Blight, a monstrous plant growing at Chesil Beach and home to the lichen Caloplacha suadae.



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ID please

February 7, 2013 in Latest Patch Sightings by SteveI

I was sent this from a garden nearby

I am 99.9% certain its an escapee but what is it?

Attenborough 23/24/1/2013

January 24, 2013 in Latest Patch Sightings by Karl Proctor

Had a walk round with Jim Yesterday and went on my own today, i did see the Smews today but not able to photo them, here are a few birds we saw, would like somebody to ID the Hawke if possible please.JKP_4767 JKP_4771 JKP_4783 JKP_4789 JKP_4797 JKP_4824 JKP_4829 JKP_4853 JKP_4902 JKP_4906 JKP_4910 JKP_4942 JKP_4947 JKP_4949 JKP_4961 JKP_4966 JKP_4967 JKP_4977 JKP_4980 JKP_4984

Holme Pierrepoint 12/1/2013

January 13, 2013 in Latest Patch Sightings by Karl Proctor

Had A walk round the finger ponds to try and find the Smews managed to find a young female took some finding though, see photo’s from the day the Smew is for ID only.JKP_4624 Mrs Smew how do you do JKP_4390 JKP_4553 JKP_4607_01 JKP_4401

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A Few More From Norfolk

October 28, 2012 in Holiday and Trip Reports by lammie

A few more images taken last weekend on the days when there was a bit of bright weather.

Black Tailed Godwit

Bar Tailed Godwit


Little Egret

Hope I got the Godwit pics ID’d correctly.


A surprise, then some mothing in the garden

August 19, 2012 in ChrisLuv's Birding Blog, Latest Patch Sightings by ChrisLuv

A warm day yesterday, I went out with my lad pond dipping in Kimberley (didn’t find more than a few little fishes) and then a long walk (for him), naturally taking in a local hostelry on the way. We did see a lovely Hedgehog on the way home though which was a fantastic surprise, its the first one George has ever seen and we got really close up views.

After the hot day and with clear skies I decided that a bit of mothing might be in order, so I set up my bright studio photography lights and attached a photography umbrella, I’d never tried this set up before but thought it might pull in a few more than the bog standard outside lights I normally use.

Well it did the trick, over the course of the evening I had 3 Willow beauty, 2 unidentified Noctuidae (see below), a Large Yellow Underwing (I think, it didn’t settle), several Common Footman, 3 Marbled Beauty and a few other unidentified.

I grabbed a few in lunch boxes, and, luckily the missus didn’t check what was in them, so they were still there this afternoon for some photography. Photographing moths isn’t easy, they are flighty little swines, but I set up a little “studio” by the window for some natural light (and added some of my own light) and had a blast at grabbing some images.

First the set up:

As you can see its nothing special, a speedlight off-camera right and a studio light off-camera right, with the natural light through the window adding a little. I set the SB600 speedlight to trigger from the flash on the camera and set it to Manual (1/2 sec), with the camera adding its on camera flash at (1/16). I set the camera at around F16 – F25 and a 1/200 exposure (the fastest you can get with synced flash). I was using my Sigma 105mm F2.8 macro lens. I put the moths on some glossy photopaper to provide a whie reflective background. So with all those details out the way here are the results:

First a Marbled Beauty:

Next a Willow Beauty, a great angle to catch those wonderful whiskered antennae on the male:

Finally my first unidentified Noctuidae:

What? Simon wants a better shot for ID, well here’s some slightly easier shots of both unidentified Noctuidae to help:

I’m being lazy with these two if I’m honest, Moth ID isn’t a skill I’ve mastered yet (particularly for the Noctuidae) but any help appreciated.

Finally, here’s some less appealing shots of a couple of unidentified ones from outside:

Both of these I should know but, again, some pointers would be useful.

Hope you’ve enjoyed.

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A Few Pics from Jim Mart Res

July 21, 2012 in Latest Sightings by lammie

Spent a couple of hours at Jim Mart Reserve today hoping to see some dragonflies but none about so took a few pics of these instead. ID them if you please.



July 7, 2012 in Holiday and Trip Reports by Simon Horsnall

Just arrived back from a week long family holiday in North Norfolk.  Unusually for me, I took over 80 photographs.  So I’m going to let them do most of the talking.  However, most of the photos are of plants as they can’t move.                                                                                                            Hedgerow Cranesbill

                                                                                                             Common Mallow

Day 1 (1/vii/2012) was the rather long drive to Hickling Broad for Swallowtail and Norfolk Hawker.  Two ticks and the start of what I thought was going to be an excellent trip.  Bearded Tit/Reedling/Parrotbill was a year tick as was a reeling Grasshopper Warbler. Called in at Roman Camp on the way back but no success with Adder.                                                                                                                      Bell Heather

Day 2 (2/vii/2012) and I decided to stay a bit closer.  Started off at Cley marshes where I managed to pick up Spoonbill and Little Tern, two more year ticks as well as the Sacred Ibis as a lifer IF it gets accepted (I’m not too hopeful).                                                                               Sacred Ibis with Spoonbills, Avocet and Black-tailed Godwit

Plenty of plants along the shingle beach.                                                                                                      Yellow-horned Poppy

Finished the day off with a wander up the road that the cottage was on and collected a beetle and a hoverfly for ID as well as this chap.                                                                                                       Speckled Bush-cricket

Days 3 (3/vii/2012) and 4 (4/vii/2012)  were dedicated to family things like going to see the Olympic torch relay in Fakenham.

Day 5 (5/vii/2012) and another venture around the county.  Started at Swanton Novers raptor watchpoint where I saw the grand total of 2 Common Buzzards.  Several horseflies of probably two species were in constant attendance.

                                                                                        Horsefly, probably Haemantopota pluvialis

A walk around Holt Lowes failed to produce Grayling or Keeled Skimmer but did yield some beetles                                                                                       Longhorn beetle, probably Stenurella melanura

and a rather impressive hoverfly: Volucella pellucens, the Pied Hoverfly. 

                                                                                     Unknown millipede hiding under a raspberry leaf

                                                                                              Dartmoor Pony used to graze Holt Lowes

Then on to Kelling Heath for Dartford Warbler.  No success but I did get Silver-studded Blue butterfly, a couple more insects (ID during the winter) and two new plants: Wooly Thistle and Viper’s Bugloss.                                                                                                                 Woolly Thistle

Into Kelling village and I got a couple of Red-veined Darters.

Day 6 (6/vii/2012) was a miserable day to begin with so it was mid afternoon by the time we got to Holkham.  The sea was miles distant so bang went seawatching.  Just a couple of beetles again for amusement at some point.  Finally a site for an unpaired Montague’s Harrier (Chris feel free to remove this if it is too revealing) without success.


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A Few Macro Shots

June 25, 2012 in Latest Sightings by lammie

A few different insect shots. Hope you like them and ID for all of them except the last please.


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by PaulS

Go Wild At Straw’s Bridge.

June 23, 2012 in Latest News by PaulS

The Friend’s Of Straw’s Bridge are holding a wildlife day tomorrow at, surprisingly enough, Straw’s Bridge. There’ll be wildlife walks, pond dipping, insect ID, Wildflower ID, spotting scopes, bins, quizzes, the list goes on. It’s on from 10am-2pm so if you’ve got a free hour or so it would be great to see you there. I’ll be there with camera set up so if you fancy a go at some wildlife photography drop by and say hello.