The Norfolk Journal. Barn Owls 1. Me 0!!

March 30, 2012 in Holiday and Trip Reports by PaulS

Before we get going can I just say there’s been some excellent posts and photos of late. Everyone keep ‘em coming.

Decided to head over to my sure fire Barn Owl location last night and totally predictably no Barnies. Still it’s a great spot and never disappoints with the wildlife encounters I have there. Roe Deer, Fox, Green Woodpecker, Egyptian Goose, Red Legged Partridge and grey Heron to name a few. Here’s some details of where it is.

It’s a bit of rough pasture amongst a sea of arable land and is situated in the beautiful Bure Valley just outside the village of Ingworth. The river Bure runs through the Bure valley (unsurprisingly!!). I’ve had Kingfisher, Crayfish and Otter on here regularly.

Now the area itself doesn’t look anything different to some of the land near us but the one massive difference is the noise. There’s no major road within, pardon the pun, a country mile of here and you can hear everything. It’s amazing just sitting and hearing no traffic, no kids, no nothing  just wildlife. Even the odd tractor doesn’t distract from the experience.

So hopefully if you are in the area and you can drag yourself away from the delights of the coast Ingworth and the surrounding area would be high on my recommendations for a great day out.

Oh, and some of the locals…

And one for Jim. Quite literally the only one I saw in 2 days??

I’ll get those Barnies next time!!