The Bennerley Bugle No. 15

October 7, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Thursday, 3rd. October, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.


Farmyard Goose

A misty and rainy day, not nice at all and only a fool would attempt any form of photo taking in such light and weather-I never learn.

A custom made part arrived to connect my camera to my ‘scope so I thought I’d give it a whirl, I tried for the Black-headed Gulls and the Lesser Black-backed Gull and the Grey Heron, Long-tailed Tit was out of the question! The only snaps I came away with were off one of farmer Noons geese!

Bennerley. 35 Black-headed Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, 2 Grey Heron, 11 Long-tailed Tit, 18 Goldfinch. Chat Corner. 2 Buzzard, 2 Mistle Thrush. Botany Bay. 15 Collared Dove, 8 Goldfinch.


Friday, 4th. October, 2013. Bennerley/Woodside.

A small flock of Lapwing was a pleasant sight as I hastened trough Bennerley on my way to Woodside, likewise a single Red Admiral butterfly.

The wildfowl population is building nicely at Shipley Lake with Coot, Wigeon, Gadwall and Pochard, just two of this species at the moment, lets hope we can get through another winter before any development gets started, lets hope it go’s “pear shaped” and never gets started!

Bennerley Marsh. 28 Black-headed Gull, 35 Lapwing, 2 Grey Heron, Mistle Thrush, Jay.

Butterflies. Speckled Woods, Red Admiral.

Shipley Lake. 30 Canada Goose, 2 Pochard, 12 Wigeon, 4 Gadwall, 3 Great Crested Grebe, 60 Coot. Woodside. Jay, Buzzard, 6 Pheasant, Meadow Pipit, 2 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 26 Black-backed Gull.

Butterflies. Speckled Woods. Dragonflies. Common Darters, Migrant Hawkers.


Saturday, 5th. October, 2013. Willington.

Green-veined Whit

Green-veined Whit

As I walked onto the reserve a fellow birder informed me that there “wasn’t much about” which wasn’t quite true as the wildfowl, Wigeon, Teal, Gadwall and Shoveler would testify, not to mention a quartet of Buzzards, a Lapwing flock, a pair of Kestrels, a single Sparrowhawk and two ranting Cetti’s Warblers!

I’d come equipped for “digiscoping” and duly got stuck in, even though it’s taking me an age to get the hang of this particular method of photography so the photo’s aren’t that great, but I’m not too bothered, at least I can tell what it is now-sometimes!

Main Reserve. 17 Wigeon, 14 Gadwall, 30 Teal, 4 Shoveler, 5 Great Crested Grebe, 4 Grey Heron, 90 Lapwing, 2 Snipe, 4 Buzzard, 2 Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, 2 Cetti’s Warbler, Blackcap.

Butterflies. Small Whites, Green-veined White, Comma. Dragonflies. Migrant Hawkers, Common Darters.


Sunday, 6th. October, 2013. Bennerley/Cossall.

Wall to wall Buzzards today, they were everywhere around Cossall plus a couple at Bennerley.

A few Swallows flew over Cossall Pit-top, as did a male Sparrowhawk along with Goldfinches and a Chiffchaff.

Back to the Buzzards and there were seven above Old Moor Wood, much to the consternation of the local Jackdaws.

An Osprey glided high over Spring Wood ahead of a group of Lesser Black-backed Gulls all heading south, I think they must be using the motorway as a guide, I do see large gulls passing regularly at this spot, but not Osprey, this is the first for me in this area.

A trio of Yellowhammers flew along the hedgerow and as per normal just lately, a single Meadow Pipit, although the lack of small birds may have something to do with the presence of a Male Sparrowhawk and yet another pair of Buzzards!

Bennerley. 35 Black-headed Gull, 2 Buzzard, Greenfinch.

Dragonflies. Migrant Hawkers, Common Darters. Plus. Speckled Wood Butterflies.

Cossall Pit-Top. 8 Swallow, 23 Jackdaw, 2 Buzzard, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Chiffchaff, 2 Goldfinch. Nottingham Canal. 2 Grey Heron, 2 Buzzard, Blackcap. Old Moor Wood. 7 Buzzard, 35 Jackdaw, 6 Pied Wagtail. Spring Wood. Osprey [over to south-16:55hrs.] 2 Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, 7 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 3 Yellowhammer. 1 Meadow Pipit.

Dragonflies. Common Darter, Migrant Hawkers. Plus. Speckled Wood Butterflies.

The Bennerley Bugle No. 14.

September 30, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Thursday, 26th. September, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

Mistle Thrush

Mistle Thrush

A very quiet start today, until I got to Chat Corner, then it was Buzzards and flocks of Mistle Thrush, Goldfinch and a pair of Chiffchaff’s at Botany Bay.

Bennerley. 30 Black-headed Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Grey Heron. Chat Corner. 4 Buzzard, 35 Goldfinch, 22 Mistle Thrush, 3 Swallow, Jay. Botany Bay. 2 Chiffchaff, 12 House Sparrow.

Butterflies. Speckled Woods, Small Tortoiseshell. Dragonflies. Migrant Hawkers, Common Darters.



Friday, 26th. September, 2013. Woodside.

Another quiet day at Woodside, not many birds but the butterflies fared better with Comma, Small Tortoiseshell and a single Common Blue among those still on the wing.

2 Jay, Buzzard, Chiffchaff, 4 Pheasant, 3 Meadow Pipit, Great-spotted Woodpecker.

Butterflies. 2 Comma, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Woods, 1 Common Blue, 4 Small Whites. Dragonflies. Common Darters, Migrant Hawkers.

Drake Gadwall - Shipley View Lagoons

Drake Gadwall – Shipley View Lagoons


Saturday, 28th. September, 2013. Wyver Lane.

A view from my watch point above Wyver

A view from my watch point above Wyver

A most enjoyable day staring with a few waders and ducks, including Snipe and a “Blackwit” then it was up the steep bank behind Wyver and a few Hawthorne trees I’ve had luck before, I was hoping for a late Redstart or something, but on this occasion, just a few Long Tailed Tits and a Great-spotted Woodpecker.

I set up the small travel ‘scope looking northward up the valley for a spot of “vismigging” and I wasn’t disappointed, a pair of Peregrines, a female Goshawk, 2 Sparrowhawk, a “Kessie” and a grand total of seven Buzzards.

Back down at the bus-stop with time to kill, I had an half baked idea to look for Dipper on the river around the road bridge, and – I found one!

Wyver. Black-tailed Godwit, 10 Snipe, 90 Lapwing, 2 Peregrine, Goshawk, 7 Buzzard, 2 Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Great-spotted Woodpecker. 20 Teal, 12 Gadwall, 3 Grey Heron, Dipper.


Sunday, 29th. September, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

My local patch has greatly increased since the land-owner has given me leave to wander at will on farmland from Bennerley to Langley Mill in return for me keeping an eye on animals, gates and fencing etc. which is handy when the Chav Town motor cycle club have their Sunday meeting on the Bennerley coal plant.

Snipe are moving in for the winter at Chat Corner and the North Marsh and buzzards seem to have taken up residence at Chat Corner.

Bennerley. Grey Heron, 35 Black-headed Gull, Chat Corner. 3 Buzzard, 2 Snipe, 2 Linnet, Reed Bunting, 2 Meadow Pipit, 4 Swallow, 2 Mistle Thrush, Jay. Botany Bay. Kestrel, Sparrowhawk. Grey Heron, 6 Goldfinch, 7 Swallow, Great-spotted Woodpecker. North Marsh. Buzzard, Snipe, 4 Goldfinch, 2 Reed Bunting, 2 Swallow.


The Bennerley Bugle No. 13

September 23, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell

Friday, 20th. September, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

It’s nice to be able to say that there are still Willow Tits around Bennerley, I saw and heard one in the spring and there was one in their usual haunt at Botany Bay today.

Still a few butterflies about including a nice bright Comma and hordes of Small Tortoiseshells – well, a least five anyway!

Bennerley. Buzzard, Grey Heron, Lesser Black-backed Gull, 20 Black-headed Gull. Chat Corner. Hobby, 2 Buzzard, 1 Kestrel, 75 Goldfinch, 9 Meadow Pipit, 2 Reed Bunting. Botany Bay. 2 Mistle Thrush, 2 Bullfinch, Willow Tit.

Butterflies. Comma, 5 Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Woods, Small whites. Plus. 5 Migrant Hawker Dragonflies.


Saturday, 21st. September, 2013. Woodside.

“vis-miggings” sure good I say and it wasn’t bad today, just find a high vantage point, pit tops are good for this, point your “bins” north’ish and wait! And ? My reward ? A Marsh Harrier,cruising along and heading south-east, plus a Hobby, a couple of Kestrels and a few Swallows.

Not a bad day for butterflies, Red admiral, a couple of Comma’s and a Brimstone.

Woodside. Marsh Harrier [f/juv.from NE 13:30hrs.] Hobby, 2 Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, 39 Swallow, 3 Goldfinch, Meadow Pipit, 3 Bullfinch, 25 Lesser Redpoll, Little Grebe, Jay, 2 Grey Heron, Shipley Lake. 2 Gadwall, 2 Wigeon.

Butterflies. 2 Comma, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Woods, 1 Brimstone, 4 Small White.




Sunday, 22nd. September, Bennerley Marsh/Cossall.

More “vis-migging” today and the useful high vantage point was the Bennerley Viaduct, not so good today, Buzzards and a handful of Swallows.

Willow Warbler along the canal, a couple of Buzzards and a Blackcap up at Spring Wood.

Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells, Brimstone and a good few Speckled Wood butterflies all on the wing and Migrant Hawker and Common Darters were both pretty much everywhere.

Bennerley. 37 Black-headed Gull, 3 Grey Heron, 3 Buzzard, 9 Swallow. Cossall. Kestrel, Buzzard, Jay, 12 House Sparrow, Willow Warbler, 4 Pheasant. Spring Wood. 2 Buzzard, 2 Meadow Pipit, Blackcap.

Butterflies. Peacocks, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Woods, Brimstone, Small White. Dragonflies. Common Darters, Migrant Hawkers.


The Bennerley Bugle No. 12

September 16, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Thursday, 12th. September, 2013. Bennerley Marsh

Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell

The Bennerley feeders were busy this morning with three Coal Tit and half a dozen Goldfinch’s with Starlings and House Sparrows joining in for breakfast.

A quick turn around Bennerley and on arrival three Buzzards above the viaduct joined by a Sparrowhawk plus a Kestrel waiting in the wings.

Bennerley Lodge. 3 Coal Tit, 6 Goldfinch, 28 Starling, 10 House Sparrow. Bennerley. 3 Buzzard, Sparrowhawk [m.] Kestrel,3 Grey Heron, 22 Black-headed Gull, 2 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 7 Canada Goose, 6 Swallow. Chat Corner. Buzzard, Kestrel, 5 Greenfinch, Pheasant. Botany Bay. 2 Chiffchaff, 2 Goldfinch.

Butterflies. 3 Large White, Small Whites, 1 Green-veined White, 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Small Tortoiseshell. Dragonflies. Southern Hawker, Common Darter.





Friday, 13th. September, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

Tufted Ducks

Tufted Ducks

There was an irate male Blackcap in the Linear Park as I was doing the milk-run, he didn’t seem to like anyone, avian or human! Then on to Bennerley for what was a quiet time with odd Swallows passing through, the regular Buzzard and Grey Heron, things were made a little more interesting with a Tufted Duck family on the Erewash Canal and a single Small Copper.

Linear Park. Blackcap, 15 Starling. Botany Bay. 5 Goldfinch.  Shipley Gate, 5 Swallow, 3 Tufted Duck. North Marsh. 2 Reed Bunting, Kestrel, Sparrow Hawk, Snipe, 6 Swallow. Chat Corner. Buzzard, Grey Heron, 6 Swallow. Bennerley. 20 Black-headed Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, 20 Swallow.

Butterflies. Small Whites, Large White, Green-veined White, Speckled Woods, Small Tortoiseshell, Small Copper. Dragonflies. Common Darter, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker.





Saturday, 14th. September, 2013. Attenborough NR. 

Egyptian Geese

Egyptian Geese

I got to Attenborough early [for me!] before the people got there and I was rewarded with a spectacle involving hundreds of hirudines, Swallows, Sand Martins and for me, the stars of the show, House Martins, diving, swirling and appearing ready for the journey to come. While this aerial display was happening down on a sand pit a juvenile Ruff was running up and down upsetting the Lapwings.

With people starting to arrive I headed of up to the Coneries Pond and the Erewash field and round to the Church Pond with nothing to show but a Kestrel and a Sedge Warbler plus a few Gadwall but I picked up a pair of Egyptian Geese, a female Blackcap and tow Chiffchaff.

Back on the Clifton, four Buzzards were soaring above the wood on the Barton side of the Trent. More Hirundines were passing through with a Hobby in tow, food for the journey ?

Two more Ruff appeared on the sand spit, a Little Egret flew past and a Cettis’ Warbler kept popping up below the Tower Hide and a female Sparrowhawk sitting by a reed bed probably aware of the Cettis’ among other things-a nice day and one or two nice people!


Clifton Pond. 12 Wigeon, 22 Gadwall, 14 Shoveler, 3 Ruff, 10 Tree Sparrow, 220 House Martin, 35 Sand Martin, 40 Swallow, 4 Buzzard [Barton Side] Sparrowhawk [f] Hobby, Little Egret, Cetti’s Warbler.

Coneries. Kestrel, Sedge Warbler, Grey Heron, Lesser Black-backed Gull, 14 Gadwall, 6 Great Crested Grebe. Tween Pond. 25 Lapwing, Little Egret, 28 Teal. Church Pond. 2 Egyptian Goose, 22 Gadwall, 2 Chiffchaff, Blackcap.

Butterflies. Small Whites, Large White, Speckled Woods, Small Tortoiseshell. Dragonflies. Brown Hawker, Common Darter, Migrant Hawkers.



Sunday, 15 September, 2013. Bennerley/Woodside.

Meadow Pipits

Meadow Pipits

After a promising start the day turned out to be something of a disappointment, with wind and rain throughout and not much to see.

“vismig” in action at Chat Corner with Meadow Pipits and Swallows passing through, plus quite a few Speckled Wood butterflies with a hardy disposition! By the time I got to Woodside it was raining of and on and there was very little to see, so for the next few weeks it all eyes to the north, preferably from a suitable vantage point, like a pit top!

Bennerley. 12 Black-headed Gull, 4 Swallow. Chat Corner. 24 Meadow Pipit. Plus. Speckled Wood Butterflies.

Shipley Lake. 4 Gadwall, 2 Great Crested Grebe. Woodside. 11 Long-tailed Tit, Blackcap [f.] Grey Heron, 2 Pheasant.



The Bennerley Bugle No. 6

August 5, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Thursday, 1st. August, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.




Nice to see a few Common Blues Butterflies today, haven’t seen any for awhile and I also noticed a great number of Peacock Butterflies.

A single Emperor Dragonfly patrolling one of the Viaduct Lagoons, a couple of Black-tailed Skimmers seeing of Common Darters and a good many of those little blue eyed beauties, the Emerald Damselfly.

Bennerley. 5 Whitethroat, Kestrel, Green Woodpecker, Grey Heron, 7 Swallow, 12 Swift, 14 House Sparrow. Butterflies. Comma, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Peacocks, Ringlets, Common Blues, Small Skippers, Brimstone, Large Whites, Small Whites, Green-veined Whites. Dragonflies. Black-tailed Skimmer, Common Darter, Brown Hawker, Emperor, Migrant Hawker. Damselflies. Azures, Common Blues, Emeralds, Banded Demoiselles.


Friday, 2nd. August, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.


Fairly typical Bennerley day today, the sort of day you have to take what you can get ! The Reed Warblers and Sedge Warblers at Tathams Pond are getting harder to find, with Sedge being slightly easier, but not much !

I spotted one Southern and one Common Hawker last week but sadly neither since, still, there’s time yet.

Botany Bay. Willow Warbler,2 Bullfinch, 2 Greenfinch, 2 Long-tailed Tit. Chat Corner. 2 Linnet, 2 Mistle Thrush. 2 Stock Dove, Grey Heron. Shipley Gate. 9 Goldfinch,2 Swallow, 3 Long-tailed Tit. North Marsh, 5 Reed Bunting, 5 Whitethroat, 4 House Martin, Swallow, 3 Pheasant. Tathams Pond. Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat, Blackcap.

Butterflies. Comma, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Peacocks, Ringlets, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, Large White, Small White. Damselflies. Azures, Common Blues, Blue-tailed, Banded Demoiselles. Dragonflies. Common Darter, Brown Hawker.


Saturday, 3rd, August, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.


2013 08 02_2495

Banded Demoiselle

A quite cloudy day with a fresh breeze and a few spots of rain meant the the insects were for the most part, hunkered down, but a few Brown Hawker dragonflies, Common Blue, Azure and Emerald damselflies were on the wing.

Bennerley. 7 Black-headed gull. Botany Bay. Whitethroat, 3 House Martin. Tathams Pond. 3 Sedge Warbler, 3 Swallow. Shipley Gate. 4 Jackdaw, 4 Swallow, 5 Sand Martin, Great-spotted Woodpecker. North Marsh. 3 Reed Bunting, 7 Whitethroat, Swallow, House Martin. Chat Corner. Buzzard, 2 Whitethroat.

Butterflies. Large Whites, Small Whites, Green-veined Whites, Speckled Woods, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Peacock, Comma, Red Admiral. Damselflies. Azures, Blue-tailed, Common Blue, Emeralds, Banded Demoiselles. Dragonflies. Common Darter, Brown Hawker.


Sunday, 4th. August, 2013.


I went looking for farmland birds today on the farmland above the valley around Cossall and I wasn’t too disappointed. Lots of Swallow, Wood Pigeon and Jackdaws but also a small flock of Lapwing, a few Meadow Pipits, Linnets and singles of Yellowhammer and Skylark.

Bennerley. 3 Green Woodpecker, 8 Black-headed Gull. Nottingham Canal, Cossall. Chiffchaff, Blackcap, 90 Wood Pigeon, 6 Goldfinch, 40 Swallow, 2 House Martin, 9 Swift. Old Moor Wood. Yellow Hammer [f.] 24 Swallow. Spring Wood. Lesser Black-backed Gull, Skylark, 3 Meadow Pipit, 20 Lapwing, 12 Linnet, 10 Swallow.

Butterflies. Large White, Small Whites, Green-veined Whites, Speckled Woods, gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Peacocks, Small Skipper.

Bennerley Bugle No. 5

July 29, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Wednesday, 24th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.


Mute Swans

Mute Swans

Pleasant enough day with a few minor surprises, Black-headed Gulls not in singles or even small groups, but in their hundreds and its time to start scanning these flocks for anything that isn’t Black-headed !

Farmer Noone’s farmyard geese were augmented by a few free flying Greylag Geese and insects, although not in swarms, kept me busy, a few fresh Comma Butterflies about and my first sight of Southern Hawker and a single Common Hawker this summer.

The bonus species was a Water Vole on the “Top Cut”

Bennerley. 180 Black-headed Gull, 5 Greylag Goose, 2 Grey Heron, 2 Goldfinch, 4 Swift, 6 Swallow. Chat Corner. Buzzard, Reed Bunting, Meadow Pipit, Chiffchaff, 2 Whitethroat, 2 Greenfinch, 220 Black-headed Gull.

Butterflies. 2 Comma, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, 2 Peacocks, Red Admiral, Ringlets, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, Large Skippers, Small Skippers, Green-veined White, Large White, Small White. Damselflies. Azure, Common Blue, Blue-tailed. Dragonflies. Southern Hawker, Hawker, Common Hawkers, Brown Hawker. Plus. Water Vole.


Thursday, 25th. July, 2013, Bennerley Marsh.


Shipley Gate was quite lively today, especially on the flooded fields, lots of Black-headed Gulls, a small flock of Lapwings, a couple of small raptor’s and a Red Fox taking in the rays in the middle of a field.

Tathams Pond. Sedge Warbler, Blackcap, Whitethroat, Little Grebe, 5 Black-headed Gull. Shipley Gate. Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, 180 Black-headed Gull, 2 Grey Heron, 2 Chiffchaff, 12 Lapwing, 4 Tufted Duck, 8 Swallow, 2 House Martin. North Marsh. 2 Grey Heron, 11 Sand Martin, Meadow Pipit, Linnet, 3 Swift, 5 Reed Bunting. Botany Bay. Blackcap, Green Finch.

Butterflies. Commas, Meadow Browns, 3 Peacock, Red Admiral, Ringlets, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Woods, Large Skipper, Small Skippers, Green-veined White. Large White, Small White. Dragonflies. Common Darters, Brown Hawker. Damselflies. Azure, Common Blue, Banded Demoiselle. Plus. Red Fox.

Red Fox

Red Fox


Friday, 26th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.


Very much a day of insects, lots of Brown Hawkers, a couple of Emperors and a few Emerald Dragonflies, a single Red Admiral, Peacocks, Whites,Small Skippers, but I’m not seeing many Large Skippers at the moment

Bennerley. Grey Heron, 2 Green Woodpecker, 8 Goldfinch, 4 Greylag Goose. Chat Corner. Lesser Black-backed Gull, 22 Black-headed Gull, 2 Whitethroat, 2 Green Woodpecker, 2 Meadow Pipit, 3 Reed Bunting, 10 Goldfinch, 5 Mistle Thrush, Swift, 3 Swallow. Botany Bay. 7 Whitethroat, 2 Blackcap, 2 Greenfinch, Swift, Swallow, Pheasant.

Butterflies. Small Whites, Large Whites, Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell, Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Small Skippers, Speckled Woods, Peacocks, Red Admiral. Dragonflies. Brown Hawker, Emperor, Migrant Hawker, Common Darter. Damselflies. Common Blues, Azures, Blue-tailed, Emeralds, Red-eyed, Banded Demoiselle.


Saturday, 27th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.


Headed of to Woodside today, very quiet around Shipley Lake, mainly Coots and Mute Swans, no wildfowl back from the breeding grounds yet, its early yet but there can be the odd Pochard or Wigeon, possibly none breeders returning.

Bennerley Lodge. 2 Buzzard, 6 Swift. Tathams Pond. 4 Reed Warbler, 3 Sedge Warbler, 2 Whitethroat, Blackcap. Shipley Gate. 27 Sand Martin, 18 Swallow, 2 Swift, Grey Heron, Reed Bunting, Sedge Warbler. Bentleys Plantation. Green Woodpecker, 4 Swallow. Woodside. 3 Reed Bunting, 2 Linnet, Meadow Pipit, 2 Green Woodpecker. Shipley View Lagoons. 2 Little Grebe, Reed Warbler, 5 Tufted Duck.

Butterflies. Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Gatekeepers, Commas, Meadow Brown, Ringlets, Speckled Woods, Peacocks. Dragonflies. Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker. Damselflies. Common Blues, Blue-tailed, Red-eyed, Banded Demoiselle, Emerald.


Sunday, 28th. July, 2013. Bennerley/Cossall.


Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue

Birds were a bit thin on the ground and in the air for that matter ! There were a few of the larger gulls moving through later in the day.

Lots of insects about, dragonflies and butterflies and a large Carp was rising and rolling on the surface of the canal much to the amusement of young Coots.

On the return through Bennerley eleven Long-tailed Tits crossed my path and that is always a nice sight;

Bennerley. 5 Greylag Goose, 2 Grey Heron, Green Woodpecker, 5 Goldfinch, 2 Greenfinch, 11 Long-tailed Tit, 9 Swallow. Cossall. 35 Black-headed Gull, 2 Great Black-backed Gull, 4 Lesser Black-backed Gull, Buzzard, 8 Swallow.

Butterflies. Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Small Skippers, Peacocks, Comma’s. Dragonflies. Emperor, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker, Common Darter, Damselflies. Common Blues, Azures, Banded Demoiselles.





The Bennerley Bugle No. 4

July 24, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Wednesday, 17th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

Pied Wagtail

Pied Wagtail

Just a quick look around the site today and after some delay here Gatekeepers are definitely out !.I spent most of the time around Chat Corner trying to photograph a very handsome male Linnet, but he was having none of it, I had to make do with a Pied Wagtail.

Bennerly. 35 Black-headed Gull, 2 Grey Heron, Willow Warbler, 11 Swallow, 2 Swift, Song Thrush, 2 Green Woodpecker. Chat Corner. 7 Reed Bunting, 2 Linnet, 3 Meadow Pipit, 2 Pied Wagtail, Song Thrush.

Butterflies. Gatekeepers, Ringlets, Small Heath, Speckled Woods, Large Skippers, Small Skippers, Large Whites, Small Whites. Dragonflies. Emperor, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker, Four-spotted Chaser. Damselflies. Azures, Common Blues, Banded Demoiselles, Emeralds.







Friday, 19th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh,



There was just the one Reed Warbler at Tathams Pond today, but I think it may well have been the best year for this species for about five years.

Also three Lapwings were in a field at Shipley Gate, always a nice sight.

Bennerley. Blackcap, 2 Greenfinch. Tathams Pond. Reed Warbler, 3 Swallow. Shipley Gate. Lesser Black-backed Gull, 3 Lapwing, 5 Goldfinch, 8 Sand Martin, 14 Swallow, 13 House Martin, Grey Wagtail, Chiffchaff. North Marsh. 5 Reed Bunting, 7 Swallow, 13 Sand Martin, 4 House Martin, 3 Swift. Botany Bay. 2 Bullfinch, 3 Swift.

Butterflies. Comma, Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, Large Skippers, Small Skippers, Green-viened White, Small Whites, Large Whites. Damselflies. Azures, Common Blues, Blue-taileds, Emeralds, Banded Demoiselles. Dragonflies. Four-spotted Chaser, Brown Hawkers, Migrant Hawkers, Emperor.






Saturday. 20th. July, 2013. Derby.

A little away from the local patch today for a bit of urban birding in the city of Derby.My plan was to find White Letter Hairstreak Butterflies in a couple of old elms near the city centre, but alas it was somewhat cloudy and not one solar powered hairstreak made an appearance ! However’ all was not lost, there were four Peregrines in the air around the cathedral with Cettis Warbler and Tree Creeper along the River Derwent, plus a slight improvement in the weather teased a few insects into the open.

Derby. Cetti’s Warbler, 2 Willow Warbler, 2 Blackcap, Tree Creeper, 4 Peregrine, Buzzard, 4 Great Crested Grebe, 12 Goldfinch, Kingfisher, 30 Tufted Duck, 30 Black-headed Gull, Cormorant.



Butterflies. Gatekeepers, Ringlets, Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White, Large White, Small White.



Sunday, 21st. July, 2013. Woodside.

A slow start at Woodside today, but things picked up at Mapperley Res. with a couple of Common Terns zipping about, plus a few Lesser Black-backed Gulls passing through and Great Crested Grebes with young are always a pleasure.

Mapperley Reservoir. 7 Great Crested Grebe, 2 Common Tern, 3 Lesser Black-backed Gull, Chiffchaff, 2 Willow Warbler, 5 Swallow. Woodside. Whitethroat, 4 Stock Dove, 2 Goldfinch, 2 Greenfinch, 23 Swallow, 11 House Martin, 5 Swift, Green Woodpecker.Butterflies. Gatekeepers, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Speckled Wood, Large White, Small White.



The Bennerley Bugle No. 2

July 8, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Thursday, 4th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

2013 07 04_0745_edited-1

Meadow Brown

A good day for insects, among the dragonflies were Emperor’s a Brown Hawker, skimmer’s and chaser’s not forgetting their smaller cousins the Damselflies, Azure, Blue-tailed, Banded Demoiselle and still a few Large Red’s about.

Bird-wise, a single Buzzard, Swaow’s, Swift’s, House Martin’s, a few of the more common warblers and a very welcome Kingfisher.


Bennerley. 20 Jackdaw, Common Tern, Kingfisher, Skylark, Blackcap, 7 Whitethroat, Song Thrush, 6 House Martin, 5 Swift. Chat Corner. Buzzard, 9 Swift, Swallow. Botany Bay. Chiffchaff, Lesser Whitethroat.

Butterflies. Meadow Browns, Ringlets, 3 Common Blue, Speckled Woods, Small Tortoiseshell, Large Skipper, Small White. Damselflies. Azure, Blue-tailed, Common Blue, Large Red, Red-eyed, Banded Demoiselle. Dragonflies. Emperor, Brown Hawker, Black-tailed Skimmer, Four-spotted Chaser. Plus. Cinnabar Moth and Great-crested Newt.


Friday, 5th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

2013 07 06_0979_edited-1

Sand Martin

A “Costa Del Chav” feel to the weather today, but again good for insects, with Migrant Hawker dragonflies putting in an appearance.

A bit of a surprise today was a disgruntled female Yellow Hammer at Chat Corner, Linnets are there so it makes you wonder, they were certainly there ten or twelve years ago and as I said she was a little disgruntled !


Bennerley. 2 Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, 3 Whitethroat, Green Woodpecker. Chat Corner. 3 Reed Bunting, Yellow Hammer [f] Skylark, Chiffchaff, 3 Meadow Pipit, Whitethroat, 2 Swift, Swallow, Grey Heron. North Marsh. 6 Reed Bunting, 2 Chiffchaff, 2 Willow Warbler, 4 Whitethroat, 2 Reed Warbler, 2 Sedge Warbler, 2 Bullfinch, 4 Goldfinch, 10 Sand Martin, Swallow, Grey Heron. Tathams Pond. Reed Bunting, 4 Reed Warbler, 2 Sedge Warbler, Sand Martin, 2 Swallow, 5 Swift, Song Thrush.

2013 07 04_0790_edited-1

Four Spotted Chaser

Butterflies. Meadow Browns, Peacock, Ringlets, 3 Common Blue, 3 Large Skipper, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell. Damselflies. Azure, Common Blue, Blue-tailed, Large Red. Dragonflies. 5 Emperor, 3 Migrant Hawker, Brown Hawker, Common Darter, Four-spotted Chaser. Moths. 2 Burnet Companion, Latticed Heath, Chimney Sweeper.


Saturday. 6th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh & Woodside.

Very hot today, it has to be for me to be wearing shorts ‘n’ shades ! Still shouldn’t complain.

A quieter day at Tathams Pond, but still a half dozen Reed Warblers singing, backing vocals provided by Sedge Warblers !

Up at Bentleys Plantation I found a single male Ruddy Darter, which is strange, because I had a very similar sighting round about this time last year, I can only assume they are coming from the pond below Bentley’s.

Bennerley Marsh. Black-headed Gull, Blackcap, 3 Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat. Tathams Pond. Reed Bunting, 6 Reed Warbler, 3 Sedge Warbler, Chiffchaff, Lesser Whitethroat, 3 Sand Martin, Common Tern. Shipley Gate. 5 Reed Bunting, Grey Heron, Willow Warbler, Whitethroat, 2 Linnet, 16 Goldfinch, 22 Sand Martin, 30 Swallow, 24 Swift.

Buterflies. Small White,Meadow Browns, Ringlets. Damselflies. Azure, Common Blue, Red-eyed, Blue-tailed. Dragonflies. Migrant Hawkers, Ruddy Darter.

Woodside. 2 Reed Bunting, Meadow Pipit, Grey Heron, 2 Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Reed Warbler, 25 Swift, Song Thrush.

Buterflies. 10 Meadow Brown, 12 Ringlet, 15 Small Heath, 2 Common Blue, 4 Small Copper. Damselflies. Common Blues, Banded Demoiselle’s. Plus. Migrant Hawker Dragonflies. Moths. 2 Burnett Companion, Cinabar’s, Five-spotted Burnetts.


Sunday, 7th. July, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

2013 07 04_0819_edited-1

Banded Demoiselles

Another very hot day and probably why it was pretty quiet as far as the birds were concerned, but quite lively on the insect front.

I’ve been looking hard at the grey clay pond below the viaduct at Bennerley for Black Darter, but so far just a single Common Darter and a few Four-spotted Chasers.

Bennerley. 16 Black-headed Gull, Blackcap, 4 Whitethroat, 3 Goldfinch, 11 Swallow, Song Thrush. Chat Corner. Buzzard, 2 Kestrel, Grey Heron, 3 Reed Bunting, 4 Swift, Pheasant. Botany Bay. Grey Heron, Willow Warbler, Song Thrush.

Buterflies. Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Speckled Woods. Common Blue, Large Skipper, Small Skippers. Damselflies. Azures, Blue-tailed, Common Blues, Banded Demoiselles. Dragonflies. Emperor, Common Darter, Four-spotted Chaser, Migrant Hawkers. Moths. Common Carpet, Latticed Heath, Five-spotted Burnet, Cinnabar.


The Bennerley Bugle

July 1, 2013 in The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Thursday, 27th. June, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

Chat Corner was decidedly the hot spot today, with the ground living birds taking centre stage.Despite the poor weather there were a few butterflies about, mainly Ringlets and Meadow Browns, plus a few Common Blue Damselflies.

Bennerley. 2 Black-headed Gull, Grey Heron, 2 Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, 3 Lapwing, 2 Goldfinch, 21 Swift, 8 Swallow. Chat Corner. 6 Skylark, 6 Meadow Pipit, 7 Reed Bunting, 15 Swift, 6 Sand Martin, 8 Swallow, 6 Mistle Thrush, Green Woodpecker, Grey Heron. Botany Bay. Jay, Whitethroat, Chiff, Song Thrush.

Butterflies. Small White, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Ringlet. Plus. Common Blue Damselflies.


Friday, 28th. June, 2013. Bennerley Marsh.

Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler

A similar day to yesterday with the added cachophony of Reed and Sedge Warblers at Tathams Pond and it nice to see family groups of Long-tailed Tits around.

Bennerly. 2 Black-headed Gull, 8 Swift, Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush. Botany Bay. Whitethroat, Chiffchaff, Song Thrush, 3 Long-tailed Tit. Tathams Pond. 7 Reed Warbler, 3 Sedge Warbler, Lesser Whitethoat, 2 Reed Bunting. Shipley Gate. 6 Long-tailed Tit, Willow Warbler, 13 Swallow, 3 House Martin, 2 Sand Martin. North Marsh. 3 Reed Bunting, 2 Chiffchaff, 5 Whitetroat, 3 Lesser Whitethroat, Blackcap, Grey Heron, Pheasant. Chat Corner. 3 Reed Bunting, 4 Skylark, 2 Swift, 3 Swallow, Jay, Grey Heron, Song Thrush.


Saturday, 29th. June, 2013. Woodside and Shipley.

Large Skipper, Hobby, Bee Orchids and the Red Arrows all in the same day, what more do you need !

Shipley Wood. Lesser Whitethoat, Chiffchaff, 2 Song Thrush. Shipley Lake. 3 Great Crested Grebe. 10 Canada Goose, 16 Tufted Duck. Woodside. Hobby, Buzzard, Common Tern, 3 Black-headed Gull, Grey Heron, 2 Skylark, Meadow Pipit, 2 Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, 18 Swallow, 6 House Martin, 8 Swift, 2 Song Thrush, Green Woodpecker, Great-spotted Woodpecker, 6 Pheasant.

Butterflies. 3 Meadow Brown, Peck, 5 Ringlet, 4 Small Heath, 2 Small White, Large Skipper. Moths. Chimney Sweeper, 2 Cinnabar, 3 Laticed Heath. Damselflies. Banded Demoiseselle, Azure, Common Blue Damselflies. Plus. Bee Orchids.


Sunday, 30th. June, 2013

Brown Hare

Brown Hare

A nice long walk today, with decent weather and a few decent bird and insect species including my first Emporer Dragonfly of the summer, plus a few old favorites like Yellowhammer and Brown Hare – and a black Rabbit !

Bennerley. Common Tern, Black-headed Gull, Blackcap, Meadow Pipit, Linnet, 9 Swallow.

Butterflies. Large Skipper, Speckled Wood. Meadow Brown. Moths. Latticed Heath, Cinnabar. Damselflies. Azure, Common Blue, Large Red. Dragonflies. Black-tailed Skimmer, Four Spotted Chaser.

Nottingham Canal Cossal. 6 Whitethoat, 2 Chiffchaff, 3 Swift, 4 Swllow, 2 Great Black-backed Gull. Old Moor Wood. Kestel, 3 Whitethoat, Lesser Whitethoat, 11 Swallow, 4 Swift. Spring Wood. Buzzard, Yellow Hammer, Skylark, Chiffchaff, 2 Linnet, 5 Swallow.

Butterflies. Common Blue, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Small White. Damselflies. Azure, Common Blue, Red Eyed. Dragonflies. Emporer, Four Spotted Chaser. Mammals. Rabbit, Brown Hare.

Bennerley Today

June 6, 2013 in Read Posts, Sightings, The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley

Mallard, Sunning !

Mallard, Sunning !

Not much on the bird front today, a few Skylarks, a few warbler and some bits and bops, things were a little livelier on the insect front.

I find insect watching very relaxing, making ones way slowly through  the various habitats, river, wet meadows, rough ground etc, very peaceful, lots of time to take it all in.

Six Dingy Skippers today all sightings along the north eastern edge, plus a couple of blues, two Small Copper, one in absolute pristine condition ! also Small Heath and Small Tortoiseshells.

Large Reds, Common Blue and Banded Demoiselles now well established but not one large dragonfly today, I thought there might be a chaser or darter or two.


Botany Bay. Whitethroat, 2 Sedge Warbler, 3 Swift. Chat Corner. Buzzard, 4 Skylark, 3 Reed Bunting, Willow Warbler, Whitethroat, Grey Heron, Green Woodpecker. Bennerley. Lesser Whitethroat, Blackcap, 2 Swift, Grey Heron, Green Woodpecker.

Butterflies. 6 Dingy Skipper, 2 Small Copper, 1 Common Blue, 1 Holly Blue, 3 Small heath, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Speckled Wood, Peacocks, Green-vein White, Large Whites, Small Whites, Orange Tips. Damselflies. Large Reds, Common Blues, Banded Demoiselles.