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3 thoughts on “About\Contact Us

  1. roy carnall says:

    can you help me evet time i try to log intoo you site with ive signed too
    it tells me ive not been activated

    my accunt name is cotmanhayroy

    • Avatar of ChrisLuv ChrisLuv says:

      I’ll take a look as soon as I can Roy, I’m struggling to see why you can’t access the site as you have all the right permissions. Its likely a problem with the spam tools we use to stop “bot” registrations.

  2. Avatar of Mel Johnson Mel Johnson says:

    Chris, Why can’t I post to the forum? I am trying to do my year list but when I write my post it doesn’t come up it just comes up with the following

    Post edited 8:35 pm – January 22, 2012 by Mel Johnson

    but there is no post there.


    Mel username huskytrainer

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