Urban Birding In Derby

July 17, 2015 in Photo Posts, Read Posts, The Bennerley Birders Pages by Bennerley


Feral Rock Dove

Watch out Mr Lindo! I’m doing the urban birding thing. I had to be in Derby today with Dougie at the vets, I thought on the way back to the bus station I’d check out the Sanctuary behind the football stadium via Alvaston Park and the River Derwent. This little reserve was pretty quiet today a Reed Warbler, a few Swallows and Sand Martins but no sign of any Little Ring Plover. Alvaston Park held two Sedge Warbler and some not very wildfowl! The River Derwent stretch next to the bus station threw up twelve Goosander, through the drizzling rain they all appeared to be juveniles or females, plus a single Common Gull, lots of Black-heads and a group of hybrid geese that seemed to be showing not only features of Canada and Greylag but also features of the more exotic geese like Bar-head or Emperor, a proper genetic cocktail! Highlight of the day was a
single Great White Egret crossing the the river the stadium and heading roughly for the Sanctuary, sweet!

Dougie had two more visits to the vet and I had a couple of more days urban birding, the list  increased on the second day, Dougie was in theatre  so rather than go home I hung around the area to wait what seemed a very long wait and I probably wasn’t paying as much attention to the birding as I should but species were added to the list including Buzzard, Peregrine, Lesser Black-backed and Common Gulls and Mandarin Duck plus more of the same as the first day. I was on the phone to the vet on a regular basis and with a long operating list I knew it would be a long day but at least I was much closer to Dougie [minutes] than I would have been had I travelled back home.

The final day was pretty straight forward, with Dougie much recovered from his ordeal we attended the vets for a routine check up, the process was fairly swift with Dougie declared fit enough to resume light duties for awhile and we set off at “walking wounded pace” for the bus station picking up a few birds, butterflies, hover-flies and a few “odes” mostly Banded Demoiselles along the way, with the bus station reached it was time for a final sit down on a rock by the river and a final scan of the river and weir mainly for gulls, a quick photo shoot involving a manic Grey Heron and we were homeward bound. We will certainly do this again, visiting the river, Pride Park, Alvaston Park, the Sanctuary and the cathedral but hopefully not with the vets on the itinerary!  And finally a big thank you to the PDSA in Derby.


Postscript. Dougie is now resting and recovering nicely and will do so for the next few days when hopefully he will be fit for normal birding duties.






Lesser Black-backed Gull


Mandarin Duck [f]


Black-headed Gull




Banded Demoiselle




Brimstone Moth


Black-headed Gull

Greylag Goose


Great Crested Grebe


Canada Goose