Another view from the Spurn trip

October 8, 2012 in ChrisLuv's Birding Blog, Holiday and Trip Reports by ChrisLuv

My apologies for yet another set of photos from Spurn, I can’t add much to the text that’s been written except to say it was a great day – not like an October day by the sea at all.

The birds were thin on the ground and so, wanting to get some photos from the trip, I took out my macro lens and grabbed some shots of spiders on fence posts.

Now when I’m grass deep in my photos up to my elbows there isn’t much that will get me up quicker than a shout of Owl (especially on a quiet day like yesterday), I’m a bit of an Owl fan and watching two Short-Eared Owls taking turns to quarter the fields yesterday was a pleasure. I’d have watched them all evening if I hadn’t felt my companions yawns calling me back to the car.

In the past I’d have cropped these further in an attempt to show a close-up but I’ve become a lot less tolerant of the blurring and loss of quality this induces in the resulting image, so I’ve attempted to keep cropping to a significant but manageable amount and instead show the bird with more of its surroundings.