Isle of Wight

September 24, 2012 in ChrisLuv's Birding Blog, Holiday and Trip Reports by ChrisLuv

For those wondering where I’ve been recently then I’ve been on the Isle of Wight (back when the weather was nice), we had a great family holiday in Bembridge in some glorious sunshine.

To be honest wildlife was the last thing on my mind I was having that much fun with the kids but I did take the opportunity to stick around when we passed a hide in some woodland with the opportunity to see Red Squirrels.

A lady was there who said she fed them regularly and I wasn’t disappointed, my 200mm lens was too close for the majority of the shots as it ran up the railings in the hide only a foot away! Still, despite that and the very poor light under the canopy, I did manage some photos to show you.

I especially like the first one, I love the story behind the image as the lady looks on at this animal grabbing the offered food.

I did take some landscapes too, but I’ve left those on my Facebook page rather than go off topic here.\ChrisLovePhotography