Frequently Asked Questions

January 10, 2012 in Misc by ChrisLuv


Q: What is Erewash Valley Wildlife?

A: Check this post to see a detailed description, but essentially we’re a community of local wildlife enthusiasts who all contribute to promote the wonderful wildlife in the area we live on the Notts / Derbyshire border.


Q: How did Erewash Valley Wildlife get started? How old is it?

A: EVW was started by Chris Love in February 2009, who still acts as webmaster, but has since turned into the site it is now.


Q: How do you define the “Valley”?

A: Interesting question, its a difficult line to draw and for that reason we don’t formally define the area we cover but roughly the catchment area of the Erewash Long Eaton to Langley Mill, and the areas in between, including the outlying areas e.g. Kirk Hallam, Stanton,  etc.



Q: Can anyone join?

A: Absolutely, membership is free and there is no obligation to contribute once you’ve joined. So there’s no harm in doing so.


Q: Will you use my email for any other purpose? or sell it on to third parties?

A: No, we take user data very seriously and it will not be used for any other purpose other than contacting you with reference to your account on EVW if necessary.


Q: What does “joining” mean?

A: Joining is necessary to contribute to the site or communicate with other members. You will also be notified of news, or events, as needed. Basically it lets us know you exist and support the site – and we like to know who uses the site, it makes it all worthwhile.


Q: I want to delete my account, how can I do this?

A: Let Chris know, he will delete your account for you.



Q: Where has all this content come from?

A: The content is provided and administered by members of the community, as and when they find time.


Q: There are lots of articles from outside the Valley, why?

A: Yes, we encourage people to also let us know about their holidays and trips – there is life outside the valley!


Q: What is the Biopedia?

A: We’re trying to build up a picture of the common (and rarer) species that count(ed) the Valley as their home. Anyone can contribute.


Groups / Forum

Q: What are the “Groups” under the Community menu?

A: These are just Groups you can join to discuss the subjects on offer, they’re fairly new and just ways people can quickly contribute without going to the effort of writing a post.


Q: What can I post in the Forum?

A: The forum is mainly used for lists now (e.g. birdspotter lists, species for the year) but you can use it for anything.



Q: How can I contribute?

A: See this post, that’s one way – you’ll have to join first. We do have problems with spammers so let Chris know if you’re permissions on joining don’t allow you to do what you need.


Q: Can I quickly add a photo to the site?

A: Yes, there’s a quick way – each user has their own album (from the top toolbar when logged in My Account -> Album -> Upload Pictures)


Q: How can I contact another member privately?

A: Use the Private Message function (from the top toolbar when logged in My Account -> Messages -> Compose) and type in their username in the appropriate box, type a message then hit send.


Q: I already run a blog for the area, can you pull posts into EVW automatically?

A: Yes, all we ask is you make a few changes to your categories to allow us to marry up your content with ours. Contact Chris – webmaster (at) for more info.


Errors / Bugs

Q: The site doesn’t display properly for me, can you help?

A: Let us know, webmaster (at), and we will try to help. Provide details of your browser software and we’ll do what we can to help. If you’re using Internet Explorer then I’d recommend a better browser, the site is mainly tested in Chrome .


Q: I’ve noticed a mistake in page x or post y, can you fix it?

A: Yes, in the case of a post just reply using the comments at the bottom of the article, in the case of a page then drop us a note at webmaster (at) and we’ll do our best to fix it. Obviously we always try and keep articles up to date, but as a new visitor then you may spot things we haven’t sen in a while so don’t hesitate to let us know.  If you want to help rewrite or add to an article then let us know, everyone’s input is welcome.


Q: I have an idea to improve the site, are you interested?

A: All ideas, as above, are always considered so just let us know via email at webmaster (at) and we’ll do what we can. Obviously we all have jobs and so this is a labour of love, and so development may take years.



Q: What is the site built using?

A: We use WordPress 3.1 to build the site with the Custom Community Theme, we also use a number of plugins to add functionality. There is very little custom development, if you’re looking to set up a similar site and want more details on how we did this then let us know and we will offer any information we can.


Any other questions you think we should cover? just post a comment below and we’ll add it to the above?