Poland – Flying Visit

October 28, 2009 in ChrisLuv's Birding Blog, Uncategorized by ChrisLuv

Had the “opportunity” of a quick trip to Poland with work. We were in and out in a day and so birding was limited to the taxi through Warsaw.

Only vaguely interesting bird was Hooded Crow.

Erewash Meadows

October 25, 2009 in ChrisLuv's Birding Blog by ChrisLuv

Midday visit to Erewash Meadows:
2 Buzzards were over the A610, 1 returned as I was up the top field by Aldercar Pond offering a decent view for a distant photo, a very pale bird I’ve seen before. A single male Gadwall was on the pond, alongside a few Mallard.
The fields to the north had 2 Pheasant, a Kestrel and a Juvenille Herring Gull flew past low on the horizon. A Jay also made a brief appearance (numbers seem to be increasing all the while – now fairly common where-ever I go, even urban areas). Woodpigeon, Carrion Crow, Magpie were all numerous as normal.
Railway Marsh had the usual Teal, Mallard and Widgeon, not to mention the Coots and Moorhens.
Walking up to the North part of the reserve I had a good mixed tit flock, Great Tit, Blue Tit and Long-Tailed Tit, as well as a likely Willow Tit though I didn’t get long enough views to be certain.
A Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush offered themselves for comparison by the Kennels, the Mistle Thrush noticably bigger. A Blackbird also made an appearance.
I didn’t have much time to spare and initially Big Marsh appeared not to have much new, Mute Swan being the only new bird, until a large corvid flew over – a possible Raven though I’d liked to have had better views. It was noticably bigger than a crow though size is difficult to judge. Would have been a new bird for me at EM.
On the way back down I added a Snipe (in flight south), Black Headed Gull and Heron to my days list, and alos had some Goldfinch feeding in the sycamore trees – plenty of seeds this time of year.
Pretty average for me in terms of species, but a nice walk – shame I didn’t get a better look at the “Raven”.

Holme Pierrepont

October 23, 2009 in ChrisLuv's Birding Blog by ChrisLuv

Quick visit after work. Just walked round the Skylarks NR.

First arrived and looked across the pool to the right and immediately found a Kingfisher sat with a Black-headed Gull on the small jetty. Fired off some photos before the Kingfisher flew off calliong loudly. The gull was more approachable and I got some closer shots. Coots and Moorhens were on the lake.

I continued my walk, hundreds of rabbits were about as it started to go darker. Fungi was very resplendent and I got several macro shots of some interesting specimens, including a large bolete.

Several Wrens showed well in the course of the walk, as did Robins and Blackbirds but nothing much else graced me with its presence. At the end of skylarks I checked the Water-ski lake and found Chaffinch, Mallard, a pair of Gadwall, Great-crested Grebe and a Little Grebe.

Bennerley Marsh

October 18, 2009 in ChrisLuv's Birding Blog by ChrisLuv

Took my little lad and the missus down to Bennerley Marsh. No sign of the Short-eared owl that was there a couple of weeks ago but we had a good walk.

On the marsh were 20-30 Black Headed Gulls and 20+ Lapwing, a chap who I’ve seen down there before was in the marsh area poking about. Apparently he’s laying down food and then lying in wait to shoot anything that comes for it. Apparently he’s not a very good shot – so the bird population can rest easy.

Further round we had good views of a Kestrel eating its prey on a lamp-post. A flock of 16 Magpies were around Chat Corner. A male Stonechat was in a bush on the sewage works side and we had good views of it as it flitted around, always returning to the same tree. 2 Hedge Sparrows were briefly seen on the path from Chat Corner.

We had glimpses of a black and white bird as we stalked the fields for the SEO, not sure what that was – will need to keep an eye out in the area in future. As we reached the Halls Lane area a Green Woodpecker was seen flying south over the Erewash.

Model planes were up and about, and bikers were also in the area, not to mention a small bouncing baby on my back. So not much else to report.